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Brow and Lashes Enhancement Treatments

Classic eyelashes extension (1 hour):

Applying extensions to the eyelashes is a practice that enhances the length, thickness, and fullness of natural eyelashes. The extensions may consist of silk, mink, synthetic hair, or human hair. The main method of applying eyelash extensions is individually (one by one).

Duration 60 min $75, 120 min $150.

Eyebrow enhancement (waxing and tweezing):

Eyebrow wax creates a fuller and well-groomed look. Best for: People with brows that show a 'bald' spot would love the effect of eyebrow wax as it covers those parts to create a full and well-done arch.

Cost: $30.00

Brow and Lashes Treatment Instructions

Post-treatment Instructions:

  • Due to the skin's natural regeneration and oil production, eyebrow extensions are more delicate than lashes to look after and require more care for longer-lasting results

  • Here are some tips for looking after your eyebrows:

  • Avoid hot steam or water on the eyebrow area for the first 24 hours.

  • Avoid putting any makeup on the eyebrow area.

  • Do not use oily products on the eyebrow area, this will soften the bond.

  • Avoid shampoo or conditioner running over the eyebrow area.

  • To wash your brows allow a light water stream to run through them without any rubbing and pat carefully with a towel to dry, or preferably air dry.

  • Be careful when putting clothes over your head, that you don't pull at the eyebrow hairs.

  • If you feel an itch, just press gently and the itch will subside - do not scratch or pick at the eyebrows.

  • If an eyebrow extension moves out of place gently push it back in the direction of the hair growth.

  • Eyebrow mascara can be used to secure some brow hairs into place but ensure that it is non-oily and use with care.

  • Sauna or steam rooms can be attended to but only after 24 hours from the treatment. Do not touch your brows while in the sauna or steam.

Consult the office immediately at 818.619.6381 if your experience increased pain, redness, swelling, or blistering

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